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Transmission Fluid Change

The mechanical power generated by the main power converters in a hybrid vehicle is transmitted to the wheels through a suction system as in non-hybrid vehicles. This system is electronically operated and is called ECVT. It is another key system that contributes to increasing the vehicle’s fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, and ride comfort. As it is designed to transfer mechanical power to the wheels without wasting unnecessary energy.
Therefore, the maintenance of the hybrid system of a hybrid car is an essential requirement. And the gear oil plays an important role in maintaining its internal hydraulic pressure properly, reducing the friction of mechanical parts such as gear wheels, power split devices, cooling the electric motors, and protecting their insulating resistance.

Oil expiration due to changes in the driving distance and environmental conditions of a vehicle and heat changes can cause defects in the internal parts. Due to this change’s invaluable properties. Therefore, every car owner should ensure that the oil expires and is properly serviced within the manufacturer’s approved periods before those properties got to change.
In this service provided by us, we always aim to provide the service technically using high-quality oils recommended by the manufacturing company.
At every service, we provide a free report on the health of your Hybrid battery. As well as accurate technical advice on maintenance for the long-term survival of the vehicle while minimizing potential costly repairs.

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