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Radiator & Inverter Coolant

One of the basic requirements for maintaining a high fuel efficiency level. An engine is to keep its temperature in the operating range. This is common even for a hybrid car. So modern car manufacturers use different technologies. As a result, modern engines have developed an engine temperature management design. They are using the ECU Control Electronic water pump, replacing the traditional belt drive water pump.

Many liquid cooling systems are also designed for the PCU (Inverter) unit of a hybrid car. And a temperature management system similar to that for an engine cooling system. The system also will be using a subdued control electronic water pump. That circulates through the coolant system and cools the intricate electronic circuits active in the PCU unit while the in-vehicle is running.

Coolant, which travels within the human body, plays an important role in the temperature management system. As does the blood. Coolant is a requirement for that temperature control system. With long-term use and expiration, these essential properties of the Coolant can be changed, which is a major obstacle to maintaining proper temperature management of the cooling system.

It can also damage valuable parts of the cooling system. Therefore, the manufacturer recommends Coolant service based on the specified driving distance and duration. In this service provided by our company, the Coolant is tested and replaced according to the service period approved by the manufacturer. Only the high-quality Coolant is used for the service at all times.

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