Our Warranty Policy

We at Hybrid Core are committed to providing high-quality products and ensuring the satisfaction of our customers. While we expect our products to operate without issues under normal operating conditions for years, we understand that unforeseen circumstances can occur. In the unlikely event of such a situation, we have outlined our warranty policy below.

Hybrid Core warrants that our products are free from defects in material and workmanship when used under normal operating conditions for their intended purpose. This warranty only covers the hybrid battery and is limited to the period specified on the invoice or sales receipt from the original purchase date.

It is transferrable to a new owner within 30 days of the vehicle being sold, provided the new owner submits a copy of the ownership transfer and additional required details to us within that timeframe. However, we charge a service fee for any warranty transfers beyond the 30-day period, and we reserve the right to decide on a case-by-case basis whether to allow a warranty transfer. In addition, the warranty terms will not be extended or restarted.

Mis-handling of the battery or attempting to sell it separately from the vehicle will void the warranty. If the battery is found to be defective in material, workmanship, or installation by Hybrid Core during the warranty period, we will issue a replacement based on the reported Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) related to HV or IMA battery failure. This replacement service includes the default installation procedure provided by Hybrid Core. However, batteries shipped to customers or third-party installers and replaced under warranty are not eligible for free installation or subject to reimbursement for labor costs.

Please note that this warranty does not cover conditions beyond the control of Hybrid Core, such as premature battery failure due to engine or other system malfunctions on a hybrid vehicle. For example, if the engine fails, leaving the vehicle to operate on battery power alone, this could weaken the battery and lead to its failure.

This warranty excludes failure from the following instances:

  • Improper installations, except those done by our own certified/trained Hybrid Core technicians
  • Products being held in storage for a period exceeding thirty (30) days, regardless of whether they are stored inside or outside the vehicle
  • Any damage caused after delivery of the battery to the customer, or damages caused by shipping, if the battery is accepted at delivery and damage is not documented with the carrier
  • Corroded of hybrid battery wire harness, connectors, and hybrid battery control module ECU
  • Fail to clean air intake filter/ Battery fan/ Cooling system on regular basis at least every 30,000kms or every 12 months whichever comes first.
  • Any tampering, removal, or damage to the warranty labels
  • Any modifications or bypass of vehicle systems that are not in line with the manufacturer’s specifications
  • Installation of the battery into a different vehicle
  • Poor vehicle maintenance or vehicle conditions (Poor Engine Power) that may cause premature failure of the battery
  • Failed to complete engine oil & filter service every 15,000kms or every 12 months (whichever comes first – under normal operating conditions and business high use vehicles as per the invoice)
  • Failed to provide records of GST receipts/invoices with date & kms, proof of payment, name of the shop or business that did all services
  • Vehicle conditions may cause premature failure of the battery
  • If these codes and/or related problems detected,  P3190 – Poor Engine Power, P0A0F – Engine Failed to Start
  • Install/using non compatible or weak 12v auxiliary battery
  • Where the odometer fitted to the vehicle is altered or replaced or the odometer drive system has been disconnected
  • Any costs associated with diagnosis if the repair/replacement is not covered by the product purchased
  • Underbody damaged under any situation
  • Any other environmental condition such as excessive heat or flooding


Warranty Service Requests

In case of any product failure or deviation, contact us via email within three (3) days of the first knowledge of defect in order to be advised on further actions.

Please be advised that the period for warranty replacement may take up to five (05) working days, effective from the day the vehicle is dropped off at the workshop. It is imperative to note that Hybrid Core shall not be held liable for any loss of income that may be incurred. Furthermore, it is essential to acknowledge that Hybrid Core cannot be held responsible for any disputes that may arise regarding mechanical or insurance repair requirements for the vehicle, in accordance with the policy of the owner’s insurance company.

Hybrid Core requires the provision of trouble codes (OBDII) before issuing a Warranty Service Order. The report must contain the retrieved codes, the vehicle’s VIN, the date and name of the shop or business that retrieved the codes for it to be accepted.

All Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) must be reported. Failure to do so leads Hybrid Core at liberty to charge additional fees and may leads to take longer time to assess the warranty claim. Reported Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) will be verified by our technicians to ensure they match the reported codes. If they do not match, the in-shop diagnostics fee will be factored.


Executing a Warranty Claim

To initiate a warranty claim, please send an email to Hybrid Core. Upon receipt of the claim, Hybrid Core will make any necessary repairs, replacements, or corrections to the defective item. Please note that it may take up to five (5) business days after the vehicle is dropped off at our workshop for the warranty claim to be completed.

By accepting our product, you agree to waive and release any claims against Hybrid Core, its employees, officers, directors, agents, and customers for any and all legal proceedings, damages, losses, liabilities, obligations, penalties, judgments, fines, and other sanctions, as well as any costs and expenses, including legal fees and expenses of any kind and nature that may result from or arise out of the possession, condition, use, operation, or failure of this product.

This limited warranty represents Hybrid Core’s total liability for any battery. All other warranties implied by state law applicable to the battery are limited to the warranty period stated on the sales receipt. Hybrid Core makes no other warranties, expressed or implied, including the implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

Thank you for reading and accepting our warranty policy.

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