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Hybrid Fuel Enhancing Treatment

For the function of a hybrid vehicle, the power converter’s proper functioning is very important. Many consumers believe that only the hybrid battery is important. The capacity of a hybrid battery affects the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. Still, the fuel is burned by the internal combustion engine, which must maintain proper functioning in the same way as a hybrid battery. This is because the fuel efficiency of a hybrid car is controlled by the internal combustion engine operating at low speeds and loads, maintaining the maximum efficiency limit at the relevant speed limit and setting the combined power required for the driver’s driving combined with the additional support power provided by the electric motor.

In this case, if the engine is not functioning properly, the engine’s fuel efficiency will be reduced, and this will reduce the efficiency of the overall hybrid operation. This service introduced by us is related to the performance of the engine:

  1. Air induction system
  2. Fuel injection system
  3. EGR emission control system
  4. Engine electronics

The four main systems are specially serviced, bringing the engine back to its original state, increasing fuel efficiency, and saving you valuable time and money. Through this special service of ours, the engine air is properly inflated, the binding volume of the cylinders increases, the generated power increases, the fuel pressure of the fuel system and the injection of the injector increases, the fuel efficiency and the operating noise decreases, and smooth engine performance occurs. Special maintenance of emission management systems such as EGRs also reduces environmental emissions, further fuelling efficiency. Hybrid Core, therefore, recommends that this special service be performed once every 50,000km.

We are introducing this type of service as a first in New Zealand for hybrid vehicle owners to get maximum fuel economy from their hybrid vehicles.

  • Please note that this service currently available for selected models only.

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