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Oil and Inspection Service

As the manufacturer of any hybrid or non-hybrid vehicle has introduced, the appropriate maintenance of engine oil is one of the most important services that the engine must perform regularly. Engine oil maintains a high level of engine lubrication, reduces friction between metal parts, improves temperature control, reduces operating noise, improves fuel efficiency, emissions control, and increases engine life.

Therefore the engine oil should be changed within the specified time, and if not, the important requirements mentioned earlier will not be fulfilled properly. In addition to changing the oil depending on the distance and time the car has been driven, several other systems need to be tested in this service to minimize possible future malfunctions and avoid wasting time and money. Hence the name oil and inspection service.

When a vehicle is serviced, the time required to change the vehicle’s engine is given by the relevant manufacturer based on the driving distance and time. Engine oil, for example, is one of the most widely used synthetic oils in our country, arriving 10000km or 12 months after the date of conversion.

This means that the maximum quality time of the oil after application to the engine is 12 months, and if you drive 10000km before that time, it should be changed before 12 months. This is because the oil in the engine is present in the engine oil sump. Still, it is subject to atmospheric pressure, environmental factors, and constant heat stress during engine operation. Due to the change, the engine will be adversely affected as it will not fulfill the requirements mentioned earlier due to the deposition of oil as tar.

Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that timely service on product instructions will ensure the longevity of your vehicle and minimize future costly repairs. We always strive to provide you with an efficient, friendly, and reliable service, and the following tests are performed free of charge on each service.

– Inverter Coolant Quality
– Brake Fluid Quality
– Radiator Coolant Quality
– 12v battery condition
– hybrid battery health condition
– Air filter cleaning

Printed reports are available on request. (additional charge applies)

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