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Hybrid Battery Service

The hybrid battery is one of the two major components of a hybrid vehicle system. At the end of battery life, the customer’s attention is focused on the high cost of new batteries. Hybrid vehicles primarily use NiMh and lithium-ion supercharged batteries generating in the high voltage range of DC 100v – 300v. Each manufacturer uses one of these major types of batteries based on the car’s space and the overall weight management requirements of the vehicle.

Since a hybrid battery is a chemical operating unit, the temperature control of its battery module must be properly maintained during charging and discharging operations, and the temperature must always be measured. Therefore, all of these modules must have the same electrical capacity during charging and discharging, otherwise some modules may overcharge or overheat, resulting in increased pressure and explosion hazard.

A very accurate computer control unit constantly measures each module’s current, voltage, and temperature changes, maintaining a battery charge value in the range of 40% – 80% and maintaining an overall charge limit of 60%. Therefore, any hybrid battery will have its temperature control design integrated with that battery. In the long run, any interruptions in the temperature control systems may cause the cooling not to work properly. The system must be specially serviced, taking into account the driving environment and driving distance. Hybrid car manufacturers have also introduced such services.

By performing such services on time, the battery life can be extended, and the vehicle’s overall fuel efficiency can be enhanced. During the service, all cooling system components are disassembled, tested, debugged, and updated. Our Hybrid Core service aims to keep the hybrid battery running for a long time while always following the data and advice of the relevant manufacturer.

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